Searching for How to change blogger title and description?  You can easily change blogger title and description after creating blog. To change the blogger description or title you have to follow these steps. When you Create a Blog on Blogger you can add a description on your blog. Do you know you can Earn with Google AdSense. You can easily Apply for Google AdSense from Blogger. If you want to change the title of your blog you can easily change it same as description.

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Change blogger title and description

Now coming back to the topic.

Fresh blog look like this, blog title without description.

blog title without description on blogger




To change title or to create/write description of blog follow these steps:

  1. Login
  2. Select Blog
  3. Setting
  4. Basic Section
  5. Write Description
  6. Check your Blog
  7. Congratulates.

blogger dashboard setting basic section

1. Login

The first step is always the login process as all the editing can be done only when you are logged in. So Login to Blogger

2. Select Blog

As the new layout has been introduced by the Blogger team now all your blog appears in a drop down menu in the top-left. Select blog in which you want to change title or write description of your blog. here: “Roar Test Lab”.

3. Setting

After selecting your blog, navigate and click “Setting” option. The Next step will automatically open for you i.e. “Basic Section“.

4. Basic Section

Now Coming in the basic section simply click “Edit“. You can also change Blogger Title of your blog from here.

Edit description and change title on blogger

5. Write Description

edit and write description of your blog on blogspot

Edit Description and write description of your blog here. You can write maximum 500 Characters in description.

6. Check your Blog

After changing and editing description of your blog, it’s time to check how your blog looks.

edit and change title description of your blog

7. Congratulates

That’s all, you changed the title/description of your blog.

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