So you Enjoy Blogging and you want to know how to add adsense code to blogger? There are two ways to add adsense to blogger which you will learn in this post.

So you want to earn some extra Bucks from your Blog? Then It’s time to Turn your blog into Money Making Blog and Make Money with Google AdSense.

First of all, you have to Apply for AdSense from Blogger and wait for approval. Make sure you have done these Recommended steps before Applying for AdSense.

Now you are eligible to Place AdSense Ads in Blogger.

Once your blog is approved you can Create and Place Google AdSense Ads in your blog. So, place AdSense Ads today and start earning with AdSense.

In my earlier post I discussed about that Google AdSense Earning Totally Depends on 5 factors.

It will take only few steps to add adsense to blogger. 

Is your blog content language is support by AdSense? Check it out List of AdSense Supported Languages

How to Add Adsense Code to Blogger

There are two ways to add AdSense code to blogger. First, directly from the Blogger Layout and Second, AdSense>My Ads.

  1. Create Ad Unit from Blogger Layout.
  2. Ad Unit from AdSense and paste the copied code.

1. Create AdSense Ad Unit from Blogger Layout

1.1 First of all you have to Log into your Blogger Account. Now,Navigate to “Layout” Tab.

Click “Add a Gadget” where you want to place and put the ad on your blog. Sidebar is one of the Best Ad Placements for AdSense. Here I am placing the ad in the sidebar of my blog. (see below example)

How to Create AdSense Ad Unit from Blogger Layout steps

1.2 The first Option you will see will be “AdSense’ as mentioned in the above Snapshot picture. You have to click that “AdSense” link to Select ad unit to place and put the ad in your Blogger blog.

How to put adsense ads in blogger steps by step guide

1.3 You can choose any Ad unit according to the needs. But, Recommended Ads Units are best to choose for your blog. I chosen 336×280 Large rectangle. You can also use 300×600 for sidebar.

create and put adsense ad for blogger earn money with adsense

1.4 After selecting Ad Unit Size format, click the “save” button. (see below example)

select adsense ad create ad from blogger layout for bloggers

1.5 Now, save the arrangement by clicking Save “Arrangement”.

Place AdSense Ads units in Blogger save Arrangement to show ads

2. Ad Unit from AdSense and paste the copied code

2.1 Second Option is to create AdSense Ad Unit from the AdSense Dashboard. Visit AdSense and navigate to My ads>Content>Ad Units>New Ad Unit.

create Ad Unit from AdSense and paste the copied code in blogger

2.2 Select Text & Display Ads.

how to create ad unit in adsense google adsense for blogger

2.3 Fill the Name, Select Ad unit Size.

create ad unit in adsense fill details of adsense ads

2.4 You can also custom ad style to match your website theme.

edit ad unit ad style according to your website theme

2.5 Click Save and Get Code. Copy this whole code.

adsense ad copy code and save how to create adsense ad in adsense

2.6 Goto Blogger Layout And Click “Add Gadget” 

How to Create AdSense Ad Unit from Blogger Layout steps

2.7 Select “HTML/JavaScript” 

how to paste adsense ad code in blogger sidebar of blog

2.8 Paste the code here

paste the adsense code in HTML JAvascript to show ads on sidebar in blogger

2.9 Save the Arrangement.

Now, wait for an hour to show ads on your blog.


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