Finally google adsense auto ads is now here. On Wednesday, February 21, 2018, Inside adsense introduced another feature called adsense auto ads. In fact, this is actually transitioning from Page-level ads to Auto ads also it replace and enhance Page-level ads. If you had Page-level ads on your site, then your your existing settings already migrated over to Auto ads.

Google adsense auto ads

What’s new in Auto ads?

Auto ads build on Page-level ads and offer new opportunities like:

  • New ad formats (e.g., text and display, In-article, etc. ) in addition to existing formats such as anchor ads and vignettes
  • Advanced URL settings which let you show different Auto ads on different pages of your sites

Check updated  Google Adsense supported languages list

Google adsense auto ads

Google adsense Auto ads offer a simple and innovative way for you to monetize your content. With Auto ads, you can simply place the code inside <head> tag of your website. After you’ve added the code, Google automatically shows ads at optimal times when they’re likely to perform well for you. Auto ads also provides a  good experience for your users.

How Google adsense Auto ads work

Adsene Auto ads use Google’s machine learning technology to:

  • Understand your page structure.
  • Detect any existing Google ads on your page. (Note that we’re not able to detect ads from other ad networks.)
  • Automatically place new ads based on different elements such as your page layout, the amount of content on your page, and your existing Google ads.
  • If you make a change to your site we’ll detect it and reanalyze your page.

How to Enable Adsense Auto ads

Adsense> My Ads> Content> Auto Ads

Google adsense auto ads how to place adsense auto ads

Select the ad formats you want to show on your pages by switching them on with a simple toggle.

Google adsense auto ads how to enable adsense auto ads

Copy the Code Snippet and place the code in the <head> tag of your HTML document or on all pages.

Adsense Auto ads will start working for you by analyzing your pages, finding potential ad placements, and showing new ads when they’re likely to perform well and provide a good user experience.



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