How to change blogger title and description on blogger

Searching for How to change blogger title and description?  You can easily change blogger title and description after creating blog. To change the blogger description or title you have to follow these steps. When you Create a Blog on Blogger you can add a description on your blog. Do you know […]

How to Show Blogger Gadget-Widget on Mobile View BlogSpot

Blogger is a free blogging service provided by Google. I have Already discussed the Best Free Blogging Platforms and Blogger is one of them. I like blogger because you don’t have to pay a single penny for your blog (i.e. pay for web hosting or domain name, Privacy Protection etc) […]

How to Activate and Place Page-Level Ads on Blogger

How to Activate and Place Add Page-Level Ads on Blogger? Google AdSense put forward a new feature called Page-Level ads. Add Page-Level ads in Blogger now. AdSense announced a new way to monetize your website and fabricate money from your online website. Earlier it was only for those who have […]

How to get blogger adsense approval Easily with these steps

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What is Sneaky Mobile Redirects and How to Resolve it, A Complete Guide

Google already warned the webmasters for redirecting the users to some other content. Unwanted Mobile redirecting is mostly occurred due to the JavaScript used by publishers to monetize their site. I know you are also facing this problem after getting a mail from Google which says ‘Sneaky mobile redirects detected on […]

Blogger Deleted My Blog for SPAM ? [Solved] Blogger

It’s very disappointing when you receive a mail from Blogger and open to read ‘Blogger deleted your blog for SPAM‘ its very hard and disappointing when blogger deleted your blog for SPAM. I have already told you Why Blogger is Best platform for beginners as well as for bloggers. What […]