Google AdSense is a Contextual Ad network and famous among bloggers and publishers. Google AdSense is the first name pops up in our mind when we think of an Ad Network. To apply for Google AdSense from Blogger you must have a blog or Create free blog with Blogger. In my earlier post I gave some recommended steps to do for your easy AdSense Approval with Blogger have a look. Read How To Make Online Money With Google AdSense? Now in this post you will get to know “How to apply for Google AdSense from Blogger”

How to apply for Google AdSense from Blogger

Sign In to Blogger

First of all, Login to Blogger Account and Select your Blog.

Click Earning Tab

Click on “Earning Tab” on your Left Side Panel of your Dashboard. (See below Example)

How to apply for adsense from blogger click earning tab from sidebar

If your blog is not Eligible you will see this note, “Your blog doesn’t currently qualify for AdSense.” (See below Example)

Qualify for Google AdSense to apply for Adsense

Click Sign Up for AdSense

If Your Blog is Eligible and Qualify for AdSense you will see a “Sign Up for AdSense” Button. (See below Example)

apply for AdSense how to apply for AdSense from blogger

Sign In

Once you are Eligible for AdSense, click Sign Up for AdSense Button and Click “Sign In”.  (See below Example)

sign up for adsense from blogger sign in to apply for adsense.jpg

Select Content Language

In next step i.e “Your Website”, your blog URL automatically will display there. Select “Content language” for example “English-English” and click “Accept Association”. (See below Example)

Accept Associate to apply for adsense select content language

Fill Your Information Details

In the Next step i.e. “Your Information”, you have to Fill all the details like Country, Time Zone, Account Type, Name And Address, AdSense Email Preferences. (See Below Example)

Apply for adsense submit Application fill your information

NOTE: Your Name should be as same as mentioned on your Bank Account Name. Otherwise this will give you problem later when they will make the payment.

Same for address, give your full mailing address so that when AdSense will send you PIN No at your home. PIN No. is used to verify PIN and activate your AdSense Account.

Once you Accept Associate, the page will redirect you back to Blogger Earning page. Select “YES” and Show Ads on blog and Select Recommended Ad setup for Blog. (See below Example)

AdSense Ad display setting How to apply for Google AdSense from Blogger

Wait for AdSense to Approve your Blog

There will be blank space where the ad codes are inserted. Once your AdSense account is fully Approved, ads will be live and you can see live ads on your Blog. (REMEMBER: DO NOT CLICK ON THE ADS)

Things you must do before applying for AdSense

Again I will recommend you to Do these Steps before Applying for AdSense for easy Approval. So in this way you can Apply for AdSense for Blogger.

Once AdSense account is Approved you can Create and Place AdSense Ads on your Blog. You can also use Page-Level ads to boost your earning. You can check your AdSense Earning by visiting Google AdSense.

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